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The best technology for steel

H2OStyle pools have more to offer besides their matchless beauty. Our AISI 316L stainless steel structures are versatile with countless technical advantages.

AISI 316L stainless steel

Stainless steel has a long tradition of use in the construction industry for its low maintenance costs, long life, versatile manufacturing and resistance to low temperatures.

Air/water whirlpool system

The hidden air whirlpool system is built into the pool: it creates an infinity of bubbles that rise to the surface of the water, winding around the body for a relaxing effect.

Made to measure

Every H2OStyle pool is tailor made to our clients’ desires: they are classy, sophisticated and stylish, with beautiful, high-quality materials that set them apart.

Remote control system with app

Comfort, savings and security: check your swimming pool remotely on your smartphone. Our app lets you control and manage your pool directly from your smartphone whenever you want to adjust the water temperature, turn on the lights or modify the swimming pool’s settings.

Reduced environmental impact

The stainless steel used to manufacture the swimming pools has the longest life cycle on the market, in keeping with our commitment to ecological sustainability; this strong, corrosion-resistant metal emits no harmful pollutants or radiation.

Prefabrication and assembly

We prefabricate the stainless-steel swimming pools after studying and creating the design. Then we assemble them directly on site. Stainless-steel pools are fast and easy to assemble because they have a single self-supporting structure that is transported and installed in the desired area.

Long life

Stainless steel always remains stable at any temperature. This characteristic makes it particularly resistant and guarantees a long lifetime. Guaranteed ten years.


All H2OStyle pools include an electric/thermal heater. The pool can also be connected to a boiler or other energy source (solar, geothermal, heat pump).

Your choice of finish

When you choose a stainless-steel swimming pool, you select the finish and accessories. H2OStyle can apply any type of material you like, including stone, mosaics or glass.

Lighting and sound

Interior and exterior pool lighting, soft colours and an audio system make an H2OStyle stainless-steel swimming pool the ultimate in elegance and charm.

Optimal hygienic conditions

The smooth surface of stainless-steel swimming pools guarantees constant and optimal hygienic conditions to prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria.

Comfort and great looks

The shine and the possibility of creating any shape give stainless-steel swimming pools unparalleled beauty.

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