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Retractable covers

How can the space be used when the swimming pool is not in use?

A finely crafted and fully electric or manual cover lets you cover the pool when it’s not in use. H2OStyle covers can also be installed on two stainless steel tracks on existing pools.

Treaded and usable structure

This retractable cover has a 200 kg/m2 capacity and lets you use the pool area on summer evenings and in the colder seasons. The entire cover is treaded and usable.

AISI 316L stainless steel

Made entirely of stainless steel for guaranteed durability and zero maintenance.

Water saving

The cover limits water evaporation to reduce consumption for refilling the pool and maintenance products.

Always clean water

The structure keeps the pool clean, avoiding the need for frequent cleaning.

Quick installation

After manufacturing, the pool is installed very quickly and requires only an ordinary domestic electric hook-up.

Protection from heat and cold

The water will never be too hot or too cold because the cover insulates it perfectly from outdoor temperatures.

Reduction of moisture in the air

The cover prevents moisture dispersion in enclosed environments to avoid dehumidification costs and prevent damage to objects and environments.

Energy savings of 80%

Perfect insulation guarantees the maintenance of water temperature and prevents heat loss.

Safe for children

The cover prevents accidents with children and pets.

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