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Wellness and spa at home

Spa and wellness at home

Not just stainless-steel swimming pools: well-being and spa at your house, hotel or residence too. In collaboration with Sanae Wellness D'Autore, H2OStyle designs and manufactures Finnish saunas, Turkish baths, relaxation areas, as well as multi-sensory and chromotherapy showers. Attention to detail, simplicity of lines and advanced technology: this is the H2OStyle concept to give you a moment of absolute relaxation, at your house or hotel.
Saunas: there is no spa without a sauna: the origins of the sauna go back to ancient times, and its benefits are now well known. The high temperatures of a sauna relax the muscles, purify the body, relieve insomnia and stress, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation.
Turkish bath: probably the best ally of your beauty.
Together, the high temperatures and humidity of a Turkish bath eliminate toxins, increase the speed of metabolism and fight cellulite.