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A new steel swimming pool for the luxury Hotel La Perla in Andalo

Piscina in acciaio per Hotel H2OStyle

Hotel owner Massimo Miori: ‘efficiency and attention to detail: the work of H2O has satisfied us completely’

8.8 x 4.3 metres: these are the dimensions of the newsteel swimming poolat the Hotel La Perla in Andalo.
H2OStyle provided a complete 360° service: from the design of the aesthetic layout of the pool and accessories to the mechanical and electrical installations and the installation, which was carried out in a single solution.
We met Massimo Miori and his wife Sabrina, owners of the hotel.

You have recently installed a new steel infinity pool in the spa and wellness area; why this choice?
“We decided to install a new steel pool,” they tell us, “to offer our customers an exclusive and innovative service. The spa and wellness area is also a strategic service for our hotel, which is just a stone’s throw from the ski slopes of the Paganella Ski area and the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites.
During both the winter and summer seasons, our guests can enjoy a luxurious, relaxing and restorative environment after returning from a busy day of skiing or trekking through the woods.”

Quality and wellness services are what made you choose one of our steel pools; how did H2OStyle help you in your choice?
“We visited the showroom in Cavaion Veronese and were very impressed by the steel pools on display, both for the technological quality of the installations and for the multitude of optional extras and design elements. We chose to equip our steel pool with a chaise-longue and bench with air-massage stations, a ladder and counter-current swimming.”

However, the one in the wellness area is not the only steel pool in your facility…
“On the outdoor terrace, we installed a MIROIR hydro-massage spa in an above-ground version, with okumè wood panels and customised in the covering of the seat, profile and cushions with IMO-certified nautical leatherette. Our mini-pool makes itself the absolute protagonist of the space in which it has been installed.”

Why the choice of two pools, one indoors and one outdoors?
“They are two somewhat different things, inside it is a swimming pool in which even children can have fun; the whirlpool located MIROIR outside, on the other hand, is a treat where adult guests can enjoy some relaxation and a breathtaking view of our mountains.”

The pool was installed just a few weeks before the start of the winter season: were you not a little apprehensive about the completion of the work?
“The entire H2OStyle team,” Massimo reports, “proved to be extremely reliable and up to our demands, meeting the defined delivery time.

Efficiency and attention to detail: the work of H2O Style has convinced you…
“We immediately felt a very good feeling with Davide and the whole H2OStyle team: from the first design phases to the realisation and installation, their support was constant, complete and very professional”.

A satisfied customer is the best business card for a company: how would you recommend an H2OStyle steel swimming pool to an operator in the hôtellerie sector?
“Without a doubt for the quality of these pools, which have been cared for down to the smallest detail. For the ease of cleaning due to the completely smooth and groove-free surface. And last but not least, for the aesthetic appeal never seen in other pools: the polished steel in contact with the water creates a particularly fascinating and luxurious play of light. Our long-standing customers have been very impressed by this pool”.

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