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Countercurrent swimming for steel pools

Nuoto controcorrente H2OStyle

Athletes choose the best accessory for training in stainless steel pools

For those who love to relax in their own pool, but also want to take advantage of the water for sporting activities, the counter-current swimming device transforms the pool into a space for training using the water current.
Counter-current swimming has revolutionised the world of swimming pools, which for many had always been a place where you can relax on a sea air mattress, without too much effort.

This accessory can be installed in all H2OStyle stainless steel swimming pools and can be activated simply by the app or by the touch system integrated in the pool: it is based on a principle that is very similar to a treadmill: just swim when the counter-current is started. It’s basically like standing still!
The counter-current swimming system consists of a pump that draws water from the pool and puts it back in with more pressure.
Why install this modern accessory in a swimming pool?
It’s important to know that the counter-current fits easily and successfully into both small and large pools for hotels and resorts. H2OStyle has designed it for a overlooking Lake Garda. A beautiful and large 8×3 meters stainless steel swimming pool in the common area of the Residence will be equipped with this particular system and an Infinity waterfall to give continuity from the water of the pool to the water of the infinity lake, as well as a cover so that the space could be used at any time of the year. 
The choice to install a counter-current swimming system in your pool can for different reasons: to do sport, but also simply to offer the customer an extra service.
Whether the stainless steel swimming pool is at home, in your favourite hotel or in the residence, swimming against the current allows you to swim and exercise without going too far. Swimming is a truly complete sport: it tones up the muscles, stretches the body, contrasts cellulite and with a controlled diet also allows you to lose weight.Without forgetting the beneficial effects on our mind, thanks to the expulsion of waste and toxins and the production of endorphins that occurs during physical activity in the water.

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