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Electric enclosure for inground pools

Copertura elettrica per piscine

With electric or manual closure,
safe for children and to use in the evenings with friends

After a lovely day by the pool, is it time for an aperitif in the open air but you can’t find space in the garden?

No problem with the electric or manual pool cover: this moveable supporting structure allows you to use the entire pool area when it is not in use. An example? For an aperitif with friends you can choose to set up the electric cover for in-ground pools and place a table and chairs on top. And so the evening is sorted!

Electric cover for in-ground pools – It can be closed electrically or manually. It works with low voltage electricity.
H2OStyle produces covers for in-ground pools in stainless steel that can be installed on new pools or on existing pools by installing two stainless steel rails. The moveable cover is an imposing structure with a 200 kg/sqm capacity and is designed to be walked on and used both in summer evenings and in colder seasons.

Maximum safety – One of the fundamental aspects of moveable covers for in-ground pools is safety. When you decide not to use the pool, you can operate the cover mechanism, especially if there are children, to avoid domestic accidents. Children will be free to stay in the garden without the danger of falling into the pool.

Energy saving and water at just the right temperature – The stainless steel cover is perfectly insulated and this fundamental aspect ensures that the water temperature is maintained, even overnight, avoiding unnecessary heat loss. And that’s not all. The water will never be too hot or too cold.  Among other things, there will also be less water evaporation, which means less need to top up the pool.

No maintenance – Stainless steel requires no maintenance and guarantees a very long life. The cover can be covered with wood: at that point, the only maintenance is the cleaning of the surface and a look over the electrical system once a year.

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