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Get in the water to choose your steel pool!

Piscine in acciaio su misura H2OStyle

Davide Chierico explains: customers can try
out products at the new Cavaion headquarters

Choosing a swimming pool for your house or hotel is not easy. There are many variables to take into consideration, such as the material, durability, quality, shape and adaptability to the context where the swimming pool is to be installed. H2OStyle, a producer of customized in-ground steel swimming pools, has found a solution to these problems, which represent a major obstacle to making the best choice. That solution being to let you try out the swimming pools you want to buy for yourself. Where? In the H2OStyle showroom!

What does it mean?
The facilities at the new Cavaion Veronese headquarters (read here the interview with the architect who designed it) made it possible to install a stainless-steel swimming pool equipped with all the latest technologies, including two hydromassage mini-swimming pools, multisensory showers, saunas and a relaxation area.
The great novelty of the showroom is that it gives architects and customers the opportunity to try them all out by taking a deep dive into a five-star wellness center, which is none other than the H2OStyle showroom! Davide Chierico, technical director of the Cavaion-based headquarters explains. It is a truly unique experience throughout Italy.

Why did you choose to open the showroom swimming pools and saunas to professionals and customers who can try them out for themselves?
The customer has to feel the steel swimming pool in order to fall in love with the product. And to understand which optional extras to insert, he must be able to try them. So, we decided to offer the opportunity to get into the water and experience the hydromassage or counter-current swimming systems, or the saunas and multi-sensory showers.

So, do you host customers and professionals working in this sector?
Usually, the architect accompanies the customer to try what they want to buy. To understand the design of a swimming pool and also the cost, you need to see and feel the details, from the stainless-steel to the grids, the entrances, the lights, the automatic deck cover…

In Cavaion there is also the production plant. So, is it also possible to see how a steel swimming pool is born?
Yes sure. Behind the showroom is the building where the stainless-steel swimming pools are built. And that is an equally fundamental stage because only by looking at the production process can you really understand the advantages of steel.

Anyone interested in a visit to the new headquarters can contact us!