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H2OStyle, new headquarters near Affi

H2OStyle piscine in acciaio le sedi

The architect: the showroom is set against
a backdrop of fascinating industrial recovery

A new headquarters in fantastically impacting setting, which lets the customer see and touch all the products, from the swimming pool to the accessories, the spas… H2OStyle is working to create a modern and refined showroom near the Affi motorway exit (exit A22), in Cavaion Veronese.
The works have begun, the headquarters is already partly operational and will be completed by autumn. The Architect, Alberto Salvadori, from Quiet Architecture is overseeing the entire project, which brings with it an incredible charm when it comes to the restoration of a large fifty-year-old structure.

Could Salvadori explain the project of the new H2OStyle headquarters in the municipality of Cavaion Veronese for us?
The H2OStyle showroom is located in a very fascinating setting of industrial recovery; these are old buildings from the ’60s that are gradually being redeveloped and restored for new functions. The first part of this recovery concerned the creation of the Atelier EERA (for products from the world of stone, let’s not forget that Sega di Cavaion is one of the main districts for this sector).The project foresees the creation of a completely dismountable structure made of tubular metal frames with an exquisitely industrial style. Despite this, however, the atmosphere inside will be warm and welcoming thanks to the use of materials and lights that recreate an intimate, natural environment. The water, wood, stone will be enclosed by metal frames in a sequence of three-dimensional panels that develop on different levels in galleries, mezzanines, niches and open spaces in double height.

What are the time-scales?
It is a project that, due to its nature, does not require long construction times, making it closer to a temporary installation than a stable structure.The forecast was for the showroom to open at the beginning of the summer, although, given current events, we may need to review the timing.

What are the special features of the new H2OStyle show room?
The special characteristic of this site allows us to enhance the product exhibited, not just with the innate charm of the premises, but also, and particularly, for the proximity of the exhibitions of complementary products and accessories that arouse mutual interest from users, even from other companies.

Does the new headquarters include the exhibition of swimming pools?
The exhibition includes a main pool which, despite its small size, will have all the most technologically advanced equipment (the technical part of which will also be exhibited, to demonstrate how much work and how much plant know-how there is underlying it), there will also be two smaller but equally important pools to complete the H2OStyle production range.

A project of great charm…how was the idea of such an important recovery born?
The project started from an initial in-depth dialogue with the client (as is only right and natural) about the practical exhibition requirements, but also and particularly about the expectations regarding the emotional impact that the exhibition could have.
So, from this starting point, our studio developed a concept that also took advantage of the previous designs of the adjacent premises and the in-depth knowledge of the context gained through the long-standing relationship with the company EERA. We wanted to emphasize the advanced technological content of the H2OStyle product, without sacrificing the emotional and playful component that the water brings in this type of environment. Our passion for natural materials and enhancing them with the careful use of light did the rest.