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Hot tub in the home for dreamlike relaxation

H2OStyle minipiscina in acciaio

Every moment in the pool turns into emotion

A hot tub at home means always having a place to relax your senses and enjoy a moment of wellbeing and relaxation while forgetting the stress of a long, hectic day out.
A hydromassage system, or air massage, not only increases the value of your steel pool but also represents a luxury to indulge in and brings benefits both on a physical and mental level.
The jets of hot water, or air, are a true panacea and provide relief and energy: if the hydromassage session is performed with constancy, the hydromassage tightens the tissues, helps fight water retention, relieves tension in muscles and joints, and activates circulation. In addition, the feeling of weightlessness and the sound of the constantly moving water reduce anxiety and stress.


MIROIR whirlpool bath

MIROIR whirlpools are available in freestanding and built-in versions. Entirely made of steel, they can be customised in their external finishes – seat, upper frame and side panels – with the latest fabric and leatherette covers. MIROIR whirlpools do not have to be drained because they are equipped with an AFM® by Dryden Aqua green glass filtration system, plate heat exchanger heating, and bio-resistant and self-sterilising treatment that ensures optimal and constant water quality. They are overflowing and highly automated, their AFM® by Dryden Aqua green glass filtration system ensures optimal and constant water quality, equipped with an integrated heater they can also be connected to your home heating system.


Customising your hot tub

MIROIR – H2OStyle hot tubs – combine style, performance and unsurpassed quality standards. They can be made-to-measure up to a maximum size of 300 x 250 cm, be installed above ground or built-in with overflow, customised not only in their external finish but also with headrest cushions, thermal cover, perimeter LED lights, Bluetooth audio system and external access steps.
Visit the MIROIR section.
In addition to mini-pools, we also make customised steel pools, even small ones, but always with the same technology used for large ones with materials and finishes that represent the top in quality, efficiency and aesthetic appeal.


Do you also dream of a hot tub at home?

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