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Inground pool, what permits do you need?

H2OStyle piscine in acciaio | autorizzazioni

The first step is to verify
the landscape constraints in your municipality

Are you thinking of installing an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard? Stainless-steel swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools, swimming pools of different sizes: there are plenty of choices, but before thinking about its actual realization, you need to know the laws in force on the subject well.
In this article we will explain what permits are needed to build a swimming pool and what to do in order to transform your backyard into a suitable place for it. The first important thing to know is that there is no law or an equal reference for the whole Italian territory, much depends on the regulatory plans of the individual municipalities. For this reason, we recommend going directly to the technical offices of your municipality to find out about any landscape or environmental constraints.

In order to build a swimming pool, in principle, an authorization of the Municipality is always required, regardless of the materials used and whether it is an in-ground, semi-inground or above-ground swimming pool, whether it is in stainless-steel or not. Whatever the case is, you will always need a building permit (also known as the ‘Dia’ as we explain here below) as established by the Presidential Decree 380/2001. It is therefore necessary to contact a qualified technician for the design and submit the request for the permit to the Municipality, which is not necessary if the house is already under renovation.

In fact, the construction of an in-ground swimming pool represents a substantial modification of the property and therefore requires specific permits. However, it is sufficient to request only the ‘Dia’ if the volume of the swimming pool to be built does not exceed 20% of the volume of the main building. After 30 days from its presentation, this has to all intents and purposes the same legal value as the building permit. When the in-ground swimming pool exceeds 20% of the volume of the house, however, the building permit is necessary.
In-ground swimming pools can be made of concrete coated with waterproof material, and possibly tiles, or plastic or stainless-steel, such as H2OStyle swimming pools. Click HERE to see our projects made with the exclusive use of stainless-steel.

Finally, it is good to know that if the house falls within areas subject to landscape or historical-architectural constraints, it is also necessary to obtain the authorization of the Superintendency. Only when this is also signed can the work be started; once this has also been obtained, the work can proceed. All this, of course, while respecting the Environmental Code.

Are you ready? Then choose the swimming pool that is best for you!