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Minipool: don’t give up your oasis of relaxation

minipiscina idromassaggio H2OStyle

All the wellbeing you desire in small dimensions

Do you have limited space but do not want to give up your oasis of relaxation at home?
The solution for you is a hydro-massage spa, the ideal place to recharge your batteries and get away from the daily stress of hectic work schedules.
H2OStyle’s steel spa tubs easily find their place both indoors and outdoors, e.g. on a terrace.

For the latter solution, some preliminary verifications are necessary:
> the tolerance or overload threshold that the terrace is able to withstand, which can often be up to 400 kg per square metre
> the condominium and municipal authorisations and permits
> the assessment of the available space and the project
Once the more technical aspects have been defined, you can let your desires run free and choose the spa best suited to your needs and in harmony with your space.

Terrace spas as a unique element of design and technology
Steel spas create a fascinating play of light and reflections in contact with water, making them the undisputed protagonists of the space in which they are placed.
The structure is durable and robust, resistant to both corrosion and oxidation. The completely smooth surface with no visible welds guarantees unsurpassed standards of hygiene.

What accessories?
The whirlpool is an absolute must: the hot water jets are a panacea and provide relief and energy to both body and mind.
To the body because, if the hydromassage session is followed with constancy, it helps combat water retention by firming the tissues; to the mind because the sensation of weightlessness and the sound of constantly moving water reduce anxiety.
Chromotherapy is also an accessory not to be underestimated if you want to make your terrace a personal spa that is always at hand: it has been studied and proven that the use of light in different colours has very specific beneficial properties.
The mobile cover, also made of steel, guarantees water that is always clean and insulated from the cold: indispensable if you wish to use your terrace pool during the colder seasons.

Shape your dream of relaxing at home: you can request advice from our architects and designers by filling in the “contact” form or design your own spa with our configurator.