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MIROIR steel mini-pool


A new concept of relaxation

It is the mini hydromassage pool by H2OStyle, whose design represents a completely innovative idea of a steel pool: a design and luxury element, custom-designed and custom-made, capable of accommodating the desires of the most demanding customer.
MIROIR can be placed anywhere: from a hotel suite to a home bedroom, and is also perfect as a garden pool.
The interior finish is made of steel, as is the frame structure, guaranteeing a pool that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and safe over time.
The great novelty is the finish of the side panels, outer seat and upper frame, which can be customised with eco-leather and special water- and sun-resistant fabrics designed for use in the nautical sector. MIROIR’s fabric and faux leather finishes are capable of adding expression and sensoriality to a material such as steel.
Giada Cipriani, designer at H2OStyle, explains this innovative project.

Why was the name MIROIR chosen for this innovative mini-pool?
“MIROIR means mirror in French, and it is exactly the mirror effect that we wanted to recreate when water meets steel.
The brilliance of the water combined with the shine of the steel, with no visible welding, creates a very glamorous and intense play of light and effects.”

What features differentiate MIROIR from other steel pools?
“MIROIR is available in both free-standing and built-in versions, perfect for indoor as well as outdoor environments, with air or water massage. It differs from other pools mainly because of the infinite customisation possibilities with fabrics and faux leather, but also because of the innovative AFM disinfection system.
AFM stands for ‘activated glass filter material’: it is bio-resistant and self-sterilising, making the pool healthier, environmentally friendly and maintenance more economical.”

Is there an ideal environment in which to place the whirlpool?
“MIROIR was created to adapt and shape itself according to the aesthetic tastes and technical requirements of our customers.
Anyone who would like to include a luxurious custom-made object in their home or hotel, which can meet their wishes without penalising the best technology, can rely on MIROIR. It is designed for indoors, but is also ideal for outdoors and is perfectly suited to both the hotel and private sectors.”

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