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New steel swimming pool in record time

H2OStyle piscine in acciaio le sedi

Maurizio Giuliani, owner of the Sport Hotel Panorama:
“An innovative choice that our guests liked”

Sixty days: in less than two months the old fibreglass swimming pool at the Sport Hotel Panorama in Fai della Paganella has been refurbished and replaced with a new stainless steel swimming pool. An incredibly fast and prestigious solution for the hotel in Trentino, which did not require any excavation work or removal of the old system: the new swimming pool was actually fitted inside the old one. This is one of the peculiar characteristics of stainless steel, which offers the possibility to be custom shaped in any environment.

Almost thirteen meters long by six meters: the structure has been studied by the technical department of H20Style, recreated in 3D, proposed to the customer and modelled according to their needs and then built with stainless steel, offering a twenty-year warranty.At the time of assembly, the pool was transported to the site in sections that were welded and satin-finished directly on site.A very quick solution, which ensures the hotels the maximum result with the minimum discomfort, since the old pool is not removed. The swimming pool is constructed away from the hotel, directly on the H20 construction site.

Maurizio Giuliani, who with his wife (in the photo) manages the Sport Hotel Panorama, is satisfied with this choice.

The swimming pool already existed, but you managed to renew it in record time by choosing stainless steel: why make this choice?
The replacement of the old traditional swimming pool with the new stainless steel one – says Giuliani – was really fast and did not create any delays or problems with unexpected details. We have also chosen steel because it is much more innovative and we have found a great appreciation from customers of other hotels abroad. The steel guarantees a higher than average level of water cleanliness with a much lower use of antibacterial agents than usual.

Are you satisfied? 
We are satisfied but what interests us most is the satisfaction of our guests at the resort, who consider it an excellent choice and greatly appreciate the whirlpools on the bench and lounger.

What did you particularly like about H2OStyle?
We had a great feeling with Davide Chierico, owner and technical director of H2OStyle, who guaranteed us comprehensive and professional support from the project to the creation. In a few days, the pool was installed as promised and the quality/price ratio was also great for the final result.As Sport Hotel Panorama di Fai della Paganella, by providing our guests with eight pools and whirlpools, I would say that we have enough experience in the field of “water” wellness to say that we are fully satisfied with this new creation.