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Stainless steel swimming pool: how to clean it


Have you ever wondered what the right rules to follow are?

H2OStyle steel pools offer a number of aesthetic and functional advantages.

They can be modelled according to the client’s needs and aesthetic tastes and can be customised in terms of finishes and coverings. But they are also a functional luxury item, especially in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

Our stainless-steel pools – whether overflow, in-ground or above-ground pools – are characterised by their completely smooth surfaces and finishes with no visible welding. The extreme attention to detail goes beyond a passion for beauty and elegance: the completely smooth surface guarantees ease of cleaning and an environment that is easy to protect against fungi and bacteria.

Ease of cleaning which translates into a few simple rules.
> If your steel swimming pool is located in the garden or on the terrace, it is always important to remove leaves, insects and impurities that may settle on the pool edge or on the surface of the water.

> When you’re not using your pool, it’s always a good idea to cover it up: the mobile cover, whether electric or manual, keeps the water cleaner (if you want to know all its advantages click HERE).
Not only the pool but also the systems themselves need cleaning and maintenance: H2OStyle provides after-sales support with scheduled maintenance contracts, guaranteeing the most suitable treatment for the system, taking into account the customer’s real needs.

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