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Stainless steel swimming pools for Lugana Bay Residence

piscina in acciaio Laguna bay h2ostyle

Lake Garda: one of the favourite destinations for foreign and italian tourists

The largest of Italy’s lakes, shared between three regions: Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino.
An oasis of scents and vegetation: lemon, olive, orange and oleander trees.
It is here in Peschiera del Garda, a town with a mild and gentle climate, that architect Federico Cappellina designed the Lugana Bay Residence. 
A brand new, luxurious residence consisting of 12 units, designed and created to provide the utmost living comfort: each unit has a mini stainless steel infinity pool, with signature H2OStyle design.

Mr. Cappellina, how did this project come about? 
“It came from the idea of being a modern, futuristic project, based on the concept of “deconstructivist” architecture with a total break with geometry: there are no symmetries, no repetitive details in this Residence. Great importance is given to water, which combines with the sun, air and quality of life: concepts linked to relaxation and well-being. Each apartment is equipped with a mini swimming pool made of stainless steel, creating a waterfall effect with all glass walls”.

Why were steel pools chosen?
“The choice is dictated by several factors: aesthetics, durability and for a purely technical reason. The mini-pools are brought to the construction site ready-made, lifted by crane and placed on top of the building. Perfect for a project of this kind.”

What are the characteristics of the designer pools chosen for this project?
“They are quite large, 2.5 metres long by 3 metres wide. Inside they have an ergonomic bench, with water and air whirlpools, with LED lights for illumination and an infinity waterfall. The height of the water touches the glass walls, hence the waterfall effect on the glass.”

Were you satisfied with your collaboration with H2OStyle?
“We were able to create a true synergy: the aesthetic, the technical, the practical, all aspects came together perfectly to achieve the goal and the result.”

The Lugana Bay Residence will be ready at the beginning of the summer, by June: in the meantime, watch the video interview with architect Federico Cappellina to hear all the project details.

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