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Enjoy your steel pool in autumn too, why not?

Piscina in acciaio H2OStyle

The season of diving and poolside relaxation cannot be said to be over

Some people will be happy to have just said goodbye to the hot summer temperatures, but lovers of long, sunny days in the pool are not; although summer is now over, autumn can prove to be a beautiful season for your steel pool.
To make the most of steel pools installed outdoors, even during the somewhat cooler seasons, it is essential to follow a few steps. When planning, it is certainly important to choose the sunniest spot in the garden or terrace, but that is not all: there are various methods and systems for heating the water.

Heat pumps
This is the most widely used water heating system because it is efficient, has excellent efficiency even at particularly cold temperatures and has relatively low running costs. It exploits the same principle as air conditioners by reversing the hot/cold cycle in the exchange of energy with the air.
The size and capacity of the heat pump must, of course, be adapted to the characteristics (size, cubic meters, geographical area) of the steel pool.

Solar panels
The most ecological and economical heating system for steel pools because it uses the power of the sun’s rays to heat the water.

Heat exchanger
This is an optional extra, available both for our made-to-measure pools and for the MIROIR whirlpool (here the dedicated page); it heats the water very quickly by exploiting the existing heating system such as, for example, a heat pump, solar heating, gas boiler.

We have just seen which are the most commonly used water heating systems for swimming pools, but there is more. There is in fact an accessory capable of optimising performance: the insulating cover.

The insulating cover maintains the water temperature
It is the accessory for steel pools par excellence: it guarantees perfect insulation from the cold, reducing energy consumption for heating and water waste for topping up. It keeps the steel pool clean at all times, avoiding constant cleaning and, if installed in indoor pools, eliminates the dispersion of moisture into the environment.

The covers made by H2OStyle are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and have a capacity of 200 kg/sqm, allowing the pool area to be used when covered.

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