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Steel swimming pools: how to choose the lighting system

Piscina in acciaio H2OStyle

The right combination of indoor and outdoor
lights make your pool the ultimate in design and elegance

H2OStyle steel pools offer a wide range of customisations: each project realises the wishes and dreams of each of our customers.
Among the customisations and swimming pool accessories that H2OStyle makes available, the choice of lighting system is one of the aspects that most contributes to defining the aesthetic character and functionality of a project, whether it is a steel inground pool or a free-standing or built-in pool.

In fact, there are many details to be taken into account for a functional lighting system: in the case of an outdoor pool, the right balance between interior lighting of the pool, the pool edge and the garden, if any, must be considered.
In the case of an indoor pool, the structural features must first be considered, followed by the furnishings. But that is not all. Choosing the correct lighting for a pool or spa, such as our Miroir, also involves other aspects.

> The positioning in the living context: a pool on a terrace requires different choices in the number of lighting points and colour characteristics than a pool positioned indoors.

> Safety requirements: very important, especially for a pool in the garden, or in any outdoor space, where correct lighting allows high visibility, even from a distance, facilitating rapid intervention in the event of an accident.

> Personal taste: every customer is different, and so are their tastes and desires. That is why our team will be by your side at every stage, from design to implementation.

Among the types of lighting available, the best solution, both in terms of consumption and aesthetics, is LED lamps; lighting your steel swimming pool with this solution allows a high degree of flexibility in choice, longer life and faster maintenance.
In addition, LED lamps ensure uniform lighting at each point without leaving any particular shaded areas, giving the possibility of creating suggestive or relaxing atmospheres.

Pools with hydromassage, counter-current swimming, and suggestive lighting systems are just some of the options that H2OStyle reserves for its customers.

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