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The swimming pool is like a tailor-made garment

H2OStyle piscine in acciaio

Interview with architect Nicola Berlanda:
designs and deadlines respected with an exceptional result

A veritable oasis of rest and relaxation in the home’s garden: a stainless-steel swimming pool with all the amenities, equipped with a retractable cover so that the area can be used even during cooler seasons. A breath-taking view of the beautiful Trento mountains. This is the Rella home, recently transformed through an extensive restructuring desired by the owner and entrusted to architect Nicola Berlanda.

Architect Nicola Berlanda, how did this work at the villa in Rovereto start?
This work started as an interior restyling that then concerned the outdoors, where the owner wanted to install a scenic and high-quality pool. A stainless-steel swimming pool was chosen because it is a true tailor-made garment. This might seem like a joke but it’s not. Despite the client’s many and highly varied requests, the material and exceptional H2OStyle technicians provided an amazing result.
The owner chose a stainless-steel swimming pool customized in every detail, in its shape and its movements.

What was the area like before the renovation?
Before the renovation, the outdoor area was on different levels which made it unusable. So, we did a deep clean and levelled the entire space. My client wanted the outdoor area to reflect the work done inside, so we created a linear, modern and natural environment that can offer a warm embrace any time of day year-round.

How was the outdoor design selected?
At the design level, the swimming pool is an exciting topic for both the architect and the client. It’s not always easy to manage, especially if you have small spaces available. My client wanted a unique relaxation area that would meet his customisation demands and needs. We could not find the right sized pool on the market, which made it difficult to resolve a series of important technical problems related to the systems.
So, we contacted H2OStyle for its guaranteed turnkey service: a company accustomed to working like a tailor. They seized the demands and transformed them into reality with incredible results. They proposed stainless steel that met our every need, because it’s a product that I would call sincere, not falsified. It appears in all its scenic beauty when assembled and remains constant over time. It’s a safe investment.

Choosing stainless steel avoided a large workforce on site.
This was my first experience with both H2OStyle and with the installation of a swimming pool made entirely of stainless steel. I must admit that there are some amazing things for us designers. After the delivery of the project and aesthetic design, H2OStyle handled every technical and practical issue. The only work done on site was assembly of the system and the pool, which was completed in just three days, saving a great deal of time and certainly avoiding major inconveniences and additional costs as usually happens with traditional swimming pools.

Are the client and designer satisfied with the final result?
Absolutely. H2OStyle never told us anything was impossible. And the swimming pool is now a lovely balcony with a view of the Dolomites. What’s more, the fully automated removable cover means the pool area can be used year-round.
In conclusion I want to highlight that the major advantages of H2OStyle were guaranteed times and costs, in addition to added value in terms of scenic beauty.