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Water and steel, a winning combination

H2OStyle piscine in acciaio le sedi

Manuel Modena outlines his real estate project:
“Only stainless steel swimming pools for my residence”

Two stainless steel swimming pools immersed in a unique location overlooking the waters of Lake Garda. We are located in Brenzone, inside the Sunset Holiday Apartments of Manuel Modena, former sailor of the Luna Rossa team who sailed the oceans during the America’s Cup.

Stainless steel has been chosen to give a touch of class to the residence. Outside the larger apartment, a suitable space has been found for the smaller swimming pool: three metres by two with an automatic thermal moveable cover and a specially created rise (see photo). The largest swimming pool, instead, will be 8×3 meters and will be located in the common area of the residence: it will be equipped with a professional counter-current system to swim and Infinity waterfall to give continuity from the water of the pool to the water of the infinity lake, as well as a cover. This last structure is under construction. In recent days the small pool has been installed.

“This type of pool – says Davide Chierico, engineer  and president of H2OStyle – has been tailor-made for this place. The customer has chosen to insert a double overlapping, relaxing sunbed that allows two people to stand in front of each other: naturally, the inside and outside of the pool are made entirely of stainless steel”.

The management system is fully automatic: those who use the pool do not have to do anything, do not have to think about including cleaning products or anything else. The only attention is to remember to call the H2OStyle engineer every six months for routine maintenance.

Grid – On the perimeter of the pool there is a specially designed grid that prevents overheating of the material and allows you to walk without problems, including in small spaces not reached by water. In fact, this way, steel is never exposed to the sun without water, ensuring a walkable temperature.

Heating system – The swimming pool is provided by a low consumption heating system connected to solar thermal panels and a photovoltaic system: this ensures 50% heating of the water with the sun.

App – Thanks to the dedicated application you can adjust the temperature, turn the lights on and off and turn on the whirlpool system.

Manuel Modena, entrepreneur of the hotel tourism sector and former sailor, is a man of water and wanted to put this element in the foreground, with an exceptional creation. “For the Sunset residence we have chosen only the highest quality, both in materials and in all the accessories. In my research, I came across stainless steel swimming pools, which guarantee a long life as well as unparalleled beauty. And so I chose H2OStyle for this important investment. In addition to the smaller pool, there will be a large pool, the Infinity pool with hydromassage, six comfort seats, an Infinity waterfall and the possibility to swim with the innovative counter-current swimming system. Finally, the wellness area,  with an eight-seater sauna and emotional shower”.

The result is breathtaking to say the least: a swimming pool that offers the possibility to relax in front of a breathtaking panorama. Water as a relaxing and characterising element of a holiday: “I was born with water and water is part of my life. I am a professional sailor, I defended the colours of Luna Rossa in the America’s Cup and I still sail with the boats that team’s owner. Water is my natural element and I wanted to find an important place for it in my tourism.”

Water and stainless steel, an unparalleled combination

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