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How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

Splendida piscina interrata in acciaio H2OStyle

2023 year of resolutions: realize your dream pool.

As soon as you decide to treat yourself to a swimming pool you would like to see it already completed in your garden or spa, so we know you are wondering how long it takes to build it.
H2OStyle pools are made entirely of steel: a material that guarantees extreme versatility and millimetric precision in machining and adjustments, but also unbeatable production, assembly and delivery times when compared to other, more traditional types of pools.
Clearly, each project is different – in terms of geometry, dimensions, accessories, location – and the estimated time required to build a swimming pool may change depending on its peculiarities.


Designing a steel swimming pool

The installation of the swimming pool is only the last piece that completes the project. The first and most important phase concerns its design.
Patience and scrupulous study are required at this stage: you need to understand whether the choice will fall on an above-ground or in-ground pool, whether it will be placed inside the house or installed in the garden or on a terrace, whether it will be large, small, square, with hydro-massage, with other options, with a manual cover, with an automated cover, with counter-current swimming…
If you are looking for inspiration, you can take a look at our realizations.

H2OStyle designs and builds one hundred per cent customized pools, tailor-made to the customer’s needs. Moreover, at our headquarters and showroom in Cavaion Veronese, it is possible to touch and try out a real and fully functional swimming pool complete with all available accessories: the best way to concretely define your needs, both functional and aesthetic.


The workflow for building a steel swimming pool

The workflow first involves a preliminary inspection by H2OStyle technicians to check the available space and to assess the conditions of access to the site chosen for the installation of the pool.

At this stage, you can involve your trusted designer (surveyor or architect or engineer) with whom H2OStyle collaborates to devise the best solution up to the production executives, also providing all the indications and technical drawings on what to do for the correct installation of the pool. The participation of the designer will also simplify compliance with the design style and, if necessary, support the verification of municipal regulations and any limitations or special prescriptions.
Once the technical and executive drawing has been approved, the production of the steel pool is started, followed by the co-ordination of the transport and lifting operations of the pool block or sections if welding directly on site is required (large pools and/or poor accessibility).
The workflow ends with the positioning of the pool, the connection of the equipment and the final inspection.


When to start designing a pool?

The best time to start designing a pool is right now! The winter season is in fact the ideal time to calmly organize the many activities.


Do you also dream of a swimming pool?

If you need advice or simply want to know more, fill in the form and get in touch with an H2OStyle expert.