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Looking for tips to increase your privacy in the pool?

Realizzazione piscina in acciaio H2OStyle

A swimming pool in the garden is the ultimate location where you can dedicate a moment of relaxation and tranquillity to yourself. To fully enjoy these moments of peace, it is important to pay the right attention to privacy with solutions that protect from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by.
There are several ways to provide privacy in the pool that, if installed correctly, will screen part or all of your garden area.

The hedge: a natural barrier for your pool privacy

It is the ideal solution to protect your privacy in the garden and, at the same time, to enrich and embellish the area. 
There are countless types: evergreen, fast-growing, low-maintenance… Let’s look at some of them together.
The cypress: a particularly elegant plant capable of adding style to the entire garden. The cypress tree can easily and quickly reach great heights, obstructing the view from outside.
The laurel hedge, also known as laurel: an evergreen shrub that forms very dense hedges with strong branches. The laurel hedge thrives very well in a Mediterranean climate and in seaside areas but also tolerates the harsher climate of northern Italy very well.
Hedges with white flowers: Japanese privet, hawthorn or jasmine. Evergreens which, during certain periods of the year, give a very pleasant flowering. 

The wooden, or WPC, fence around the pool perimeter

The wooden, or WPC (composite wood) fence lends itself well to the function of a fence and gives a classic and cosy look if left in its natural state, sophisticated and elegant if painted white.

It should be kept in mind that wood, being a ‘living’ material, requires constant maintenance; composite wood, on the other hand, is a maintenance-free artificial material. 

Curtains: the chicest choice

With their light and fluttering fabric, curtains hung on a structure or gazebo shelter the pool from curious glances and give the whole environment a fine and refined look. 

Do you also dream of a swimming pool?

The solutions for pool privacy are many and customisable. If you need advice or simply want to know more, fill in the form and get in touch with an H2OStyle expert.