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Secrets for designing an inground swimming pool

Piscina interrata come scegliere | H2OStyle

A stainless steel swimming pool to transform
your garden into an oasis of relaxation

Are you thinking of getting a swimming pool for your house? Not a simple above-ground swimming pool, but an in-ground stainless-steel one that transforms your backyard into a splendid oasis of relaxation.
In order to do so, it is necessary to have clear ideas and to rely on experienced professionals, capable of doing an excellent job while making the most of every detail. At the beginning, it is necessary to consider by whom and in what way the swimming pool will be used. Will it be for a family with young children? Will it be exclusively for adults? Will it be used for swimming? What optional extras do you want to add?

WHERE – The designer will take care of the site visit to understand which is the best area to place the in-ground swimming pool. It is not just an aesthetic question but also a technical and hydrogeological one. It is necessary to have the situation totally under control as regards the soil to avoid unpleasant setbacks when the work is at an advanced stage. Water, electricity and gas pipes must be taken into consideration. It is even often recommended to have an interview with the head of the Municipal Technical Office in order to check if the area is free from any constraints.
Finding the right spot is essential. In order to do so, some fundamental aspects must be taken into consideration, such as privacy and lighting. It is about having a clear idea of which is the sunniest area, so to make the most out of it. Plans are another important aspect. No plants must be near the swimming pool, even if you get the deck cover, otherwise the leaves would fall into it and cleaning would be more complicated. After choosing the area in which the stainless-steel swimming pool will be built, it will be the time for the actual project to start, in particular, with the measurements of the swimming pool.

SHAPE – The choice of the dimensions of the swimming pool is not casual either. H2OStyle offers the possibility to customize your project to get to the realization of a stainless-steel swimming pool that represents a unique work. Also, what the swimming pool will be used for has to be considered: if you want to swim and maybe install the counter-current optional extra (read HERE the article on counter-current swimming) the swimming pool must have particular measures. The same applies if you add other optional extras such as stairs, waterfalls or an hydromassage system.

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