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Steel pools: what makes them the best solution, even for you


How long have you wanted a swimming pool? To come home from work and treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating whirlpool session, to organise fun pool parties at weekends to delight your children, to train and take care of your physique with counter-current swimming. You’ve informed yourself, you’ve studied, you’ve daydreamed and you’ve finally made up your mind: next summer you too will have your own personal oasis of relaxation in which to swim and cool off during the hottest days. By now you know all the types: in-ground pools, infinity pools, pools with mobile covers, hydro-massage pools, terrace pools, garden pools…
Do you also know why steel pools are the best solution?

1. Steel is a durable and resistant material, but also flexible
It is a material that is naturally capable of cushioning and absorbing micro-movements – settlements – of the ground without damage and is stable at all temperatures, both very cold and very hot.
In contrast, pools made of GRP and concrete are subject to cracking and hot/cold thermal expansion.

2. Tailor-made and freedom of cladding
A steel pool can be made in any shape and size.
Made to measure for your space, be it a large garden or a small terrace.
Delivered as a single piece/monobloc/section, or in the case of very large pools or conditions of poor accessibility to the installation area, in several sections then perfectly welded on site.
The freedom of cladding is almost infinite: stone, mosaic, glass.
The Miroir whirlpool by H2OStyle can even be customised -in the elements outside the pool- with eco-leather and outdoor fabrics, adding sensuality and further appeal to the steel (click here)

3. Optimum cleanliness and hygiene
Steel pools are characterised by an extremely smooth surface and a finish with no visible welding: features that guarantee easy cleaning and optimum hygiene.
Combining the steel pool with a mobile cover – manual or domotic – will keep the water clean at all times.

4. Fast installation times
The prefabrication of the steel pool elements allows reduced assembly and installation time. A mini-pool is perfectly installed and operational in less than 8 hours!

5. Accessories
A pool is not complete without the right accessories: air/water hydromassage, counter-current swimming, lighting, sound system, mobile enclosure, waterfalls, showers… all remotely controllable.

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