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Swimming pool in the garden: some simple tips for your safety

Piscina in giardino: alcuni semplici consigli per la tua sicurezza |

The swimming pool is undoubtedly synonymous with relaxation and carefreeness, afternoons spent in the sun, games and children’s laughter. But it can also be a source of danger if used improperly, and it is therefore important to take safety precautions and be very careful, especially if we have small children or pets in the house.
In this in-depth article, we would like to present you with some simple tips that can increase the safety of your pool so that you can enjoy it to the full!


Self-supporting mobile pool enclosure

Our mobile pool enclosure is entirely made of steel, is easy to install, and requires only a power line and two sliding rails.
It can be finished with the same material used in the pool area flooring: deck or composite wood, WPC but also stone or other tiles. This type of pool enclosure has a load capacity of 200 kg/sqm and, besides preventing children and pets from accidentally falling into the water, it is walkable and allows the pool area to be used when covered. It also decreases water evaporation and keeps it clean at all times. However, it requires a lot of space because it runs on two tracks outside the pool.


Floating shutter cover

This type of rigid enclosure also provides safe protection and drastically reduces the risk of drowning. It can be made with a submerged system inside or outside the pool and is ideal in all those environments where space is limited: a bench inside the pool, or a niche at its side, houses both the roller shutter and the motor for minimum bulk.


Security fences

Called that, they seem to have very little appeal but there is nothing more wrong! Fences delimit the pool area and prevent children and animals from entering when unsupervised. At the same time, they act as a privacy barrier, making the pool a private space protected from prying eyes. There are different types of fencing: wire mesh, aluminium panels, wooden or WPC fences that, with small details, can become an element of décor.


Alarm systems

Pool alarm systems are devices with water fall sensors that constantly monitor the state of the pool. The device is firmly anchored to the pool edge and, if it senses an accidental fall, emits a very loud sound and sends a notification to your smartphone. It can be switched on or off depending on whether or not an adult is present to supervise the pool.


Climbing ramp for animals, anti-drowning

To protect the safety of our pets, an anti-drowning ramp can be installed in the pool. Dogs and cats that have accidentally fallen into the water can use it to easily get out of the pool.


Do you also dream of a swimming pool?

There are many solutions to make your swimming pool safe. If you need advice or simply want to know more, fill in the form and get in touch with an H2OStyle expert.