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The ideal pool water temperature

Piscina in giardino: scegliere la pavimentazione | H2OStyle

The ideal temperature for a swimming pool may vary depending on personal preferences and the climatic conditions in the area where you are located. However, a water temperature between 25°C and 28°C is generally considered pleasant for most people.
In addition, this temperature range prevents the proliferation of germs, bacteria and algae, even though in a steel pool it is unlikely and very difficult for them to be triggered.

Given this beginning, can it really be said that there is an ideal temperature for swimming pool water?
The correct answer is NO. Besides personal preference, there are several other aspects to bear in mind.


In what area is the pool installed

If you are in an area with a rather warm climate, you might prefer slightly lower temperatures, around 25-27°C, to seek refreshment in a nice bath.
If the climate is cooler, you might opt for temperatures around 27-28°C for a more comfortable feeling.


What activities you do in the pool

The water temperature depends a lot on the activity you intend to practise in the pool. If you want to exercise, for example with the counter-current swimmingdevice, you might prefer a slightly lower temperature to avoid overheating.
Whereas for a relaxing moment, perhaps wrapped in the bubbles of the whirlpool, slightly higher temperatures are more pleasant.


Young children and the elderly

Children, especially very young ones, and the elderly have more difficulty thermoregulating themselves. To avoid the onset of hypothermia, it is therefore very important not to underestimate the water temperature.
Up to 12 months, paediatricians recommend temperatures above 30°C; up to 6 years, above 29°C.
The elderly are another category of people who are particularly delicate; for them it is best to set a temperature between 30°C and 33°C.

In summary, preferences may vary and it is therefore important to experiment and adjust the temperature according to your personal feelings and needs.
To avoid wasting energy and related costs, it can be useful to install a pool enclosure. . There are two different types: self-supporting mobile covers and roller shutter covers. Both ensure less water evaporation and consequent heat loss.


Do you also dream of a swimming pool?

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